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Years of Service and Support

We are saddened to report Karl Roneke's resignation from the NHAS board.

I have decided to step down from The Board of the NH Archeological Society a year early. I believe it is time for me to make room for someone more active in NH Archaeology than I currently am. Specifically I want to remind the Board how important I believe it is to have representation from the White Mtn. National Forest on the Board so the partnership in Heritage Resources in NH remains strong and productive. I want to thank all members of the Board from 1989-2022 for making my years on the Board fun and I hope productive. I will always be a member of this great organization. Thanks again and keep up the good work. Sincerely, Karl

Genevieve Everett, Archaeological Technician, White Mountain National Forest., has agreed to step in and complete Karl's term

Jen graduated from University of Delaware in 2008 with a degree in Anthropology and History, In 2011 took part in the SCRAP summer field school at the Jefferson VI site. She began graduate studies in the Applied Archaeology Program at Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2016 and graduated and defended her Master’s thesis, “Scraping By: A Descriptive and Spatial Analysis of Excavation Block K At The Potter Site in New Hampshire” in 2021.

She began her career as an Archaeological Technician at Isle Royale National Park on Lake Superior in Michigan. She lived and worked on the island for 3 months where most of time was spent on surveys of the Nipissing shoreline. Gen enjoyed working in the public sector, so, when the Archaeological Technician position opened in the White Mountains in 2019, she applied, and has been here ever since.

During her time in the White’s, among various other projects and tasks, She developed and continues to lead the Site Stewardship Program to train volunteers how to monitor heritage sites. She also organized a shovel testing campaign that several NHAS members very graciously volunteered at in 2020.

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