Chester Price Award

The Chester B. Price Memorial Archeological Award was created by the Society in 1962 to recognize a member or non-member of the New Hampshire Archeological Society who, to quote the original proposal, “has contributed to a furtherance and better understanding and knowledge regarding the study and interpretation of the archeology as found in the State of New Hampshire.”  It was named in honor of Chester B. Price (1889 - 1959), an active member of the NHAS and well-known student of archeology and historian of the Native Americans of the state.  


Since its creation it has been awarded to 23 people:


1963 Eugene Finch


1965 Frederick Burtt


1967 Paul Holmes


1968 Solon Colby


1969 Peter McLane


1971 Howard Sargent


1980 Kenneth Rhodes


1981 Eugene Winter


1982 William White


1986 Dennis and Antonett Howe


1986 Ed McKenzie


1987 David Starbuck


1989 Louise Tallman


1992 Don Foster


1992 Don Foster


1993 Charles Bolian


1994 Pat Hume


1997 Jane Potter


1999 Justine Gengras


2002 Gary Hume


2005 David Switzer


2013 Mark Greenly

2018 Richard Boisvert

President Linda F

Linda  Fuerderer, NHAS president presents Dick Boisvert with the Chester C. Price Award in 2018

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