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People of the Dawnland: Indigenous presence at Puddle Dock

NHAS Archeology Month begins with a presentation by Strawbery Banke Museum archeologists about the people who lived where the museum now stands and before the arrival of Europeans in Portsmouth.

Thursday, April 1, 7-8pm

Before Europeans came to Portsmouth and built their wharves, business and residences, Native Americans lived here. We look at archeological evidence of Indigenous presence at Puddle Dock, along with other objects to determine how archeological artifacts and research can be used alongside other lines of evidence for public education, highlighting the importance of our collaborative approach. To join the presentation click this Zoom link shortly before the start of the event. Coming up in Week Two of Archeology Month we will feature a presentation by NH State Archaeologist Mark Doperalski on his recent investigations at Mollidgewock State Park in Errol, NH. For a complete listing of all NH Archeology Month listings go to

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