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Mount Holly Mammoth

The Mount Holly Mammoth and its Implications for Human/Megafaunal Interactions in the Northeast, Nathaniel Kitchel, Dartmouth College

Thursday April 22, 2021 7-8pm

At the end of the last Ice Age many species of large animals, including mammoths and mastodons went extinct. In western North America people and megafauna clearly overlapped in time and space. But in New England, most radiocarbon dates for mammoths and mastodons indicated the extinction of these animals well before the arrival of humans. However, the first radiocarbon date for the Mt. Holly mammoth found near Ludlow, Vermont in 1848, provides stronger evidence that mammoths, mastodons, and humans may have shared the landscapes of New England. Nathaniel Kitchel, will discuss the significance of this new date and how this finding contributes to ongoing discussions of human/megafauna interactions in New England and beyond. Complete listing of all NH Archeology Month events

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