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Don Foster - Educator&Curator

Long time NHAS Curator and Phillips Exeter teacher died in April 2022. His lengthy and productive career was best summarized by Dr. George Nicholas in Unearthing Donald Foster: An Interview with George Nicholas, The New Hampshire Archeologist 2010 Volume 50.

Over the course of 50 years, Donald Foster has fol lowed a career path that has bridged sociology, anthropology, archeology, and education, and touched the lives of countless community members, students, and colleagues. Equally at home in rural Colombian villages as he is in an ivy-covered prep school, Don has never strayed far from an anthropological ethic that seeks to use knowledge of the world to improve people's lives and, in the case of his students, to help them see the world in a new way. Don is a Fulbright Award winning scholar, who has also been honored for his contributions in both archeology and education, and recognized for his community service...(Courtesy of

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