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Director - Master of Arts Public Archaeology (MAPA)

The Department of Anthropology at Binghamton University (SUNY), in collaboration with the University's Public Archaeology Facility (PAF), invites applications for a Director of the Masters of Arts in Anthropology with a track in Public Archaeology Program (MAPA).  MAPA is a professional graduate program offering training in public archaeology that we define to include Cultural Resource Management (CRM) and other areas in which archaeologists and their publics interact. The successful candidate will be hired as a 12-month, full-time lecturer on a renewable three-year term appointment.

The successful applicant will oversee the program curriculum, teach classes, and manage the MAPA program (including recruitment, application processes, budget oversight, program marketing and communications, developing internship opportunities and alumni connections, advising and mentoring students, and participating in MA committees).

We are particularly interested in contract archaeologists with extensive experience in the field so they can provide guidance for the master’s level students on their way through our two-year program. We would also like to find candidates from the Northeast as that is where most of our graduates tend to come from and want to find work in.

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