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2022 SCRAP Dates

Hello everyone,

I want to get some tentative dates out to you for next year so you have time to plan accordingly.

These are, of course, tentative dates at this point.

We're planning to conduct additional work at Pillsbury State Park the first two weeks of May; May 2nd - 13th. This will be a veteran SCRAP member event, not a field school. We will be continuing excavation of the Narrows Site, 21-SU-69.

We're also planning to conduct two, two-week sessions of field school at Bear Brook State Park from June 6th-July 1st. The work will focus on continued excavation of 27-MR-450 as well as survey along the Suncook River north of the transmission line corridor.

We will not be conducting an Octoberfest investigation this fall.

We hope to open the lab on Wednesdays each week beginning in October and will send out weekly emails regarding lab times beginning the last week of September.

I hope you all are enjoying the last few weeks of summer and have a wonderful fall.

Be safe,



Mark Doperalski

State Archaeologist

NH Department of Natural and Cultural Resources

Division of Historical Resources

19 Pillsbury Street

Concord, NH 03301-3570


Check the NHAS Calendar for these and other dates

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